About Us


Asian Bird

Asian Bird Travels was founded by 3 individuals who are really passionate about travel, serious about service delivery and committed to affordability.

Asian Bird Travels is located in Delhi, the hub and capital city of the Motherland, India We strive to provide quality and memorable holidays to every traveller who books with us. What started off as a holiday package for us as strangers has brought us together to join hands in creating an agency that serves with personal experience.

With Asian Bird Travels co-owned by a South African individual as well as two Indian individuals we would like to think that we have the perfect mix of East meets West so we are fully equipped to understand the holiday packages required by local as well as foreign travellers. What sets us apart from other travel agencies is that we have our office in Delhi with a branch office in Durban South Africa so despite the difference in time zones there is always someone available 24/7. Individually we are an accountant who knows the value of time and money, a skilled English speaking driver who knows the safest most scenic routes across the diverse land of India, be it hills or valleys and an itinerary manager who knows exactly how to tailor make the perfect package giving you our traveller 100% of satisfaction both in comfort and coordination. Together we execute as a team ensuring we synchronise to make your trip both memorable and notable.

We may be fairly new but our experience in the industry speaks volumes, we have travelled the destinations, discovered the hidden gems and would now like to share the incredible experiences with our travellers, be it standard, premium, luxury or budget packages.

We want to provide personalised services full of spirit, culture and colour. So whether you choose to travel alone, in a group, with family or on honeymoon we have the perfect package just for you. Choose to discover India by exploring the bustle of Mumbai, the grandeur of Rajasthan, the backwaters of Kerala or the romance of Goa and let us be your travel partners in making your holiday unforgettable.

Whether you visiting on a pilgrimage, an ayurvedic yoga tour or simply to reawaken your soul and learn to smile again let Asian Bird Travels take you under our wings and help you soar to new heights of life.

Let us welcome you to Incredible India with style, pride and honour. We believe that our country is called” Incredible India “because it is just that …incredible in every way possible. We also believe that no other country can boast a mix of “incredible-ness “as this land of beauty. We at Asian Bird Travels take pride in knowing that we have a fantastic customer base of travellers who keep coming back for more – this itself is testimony of our service in arranging as well as executing our packages.